Derby time!

Reading Derby time! 2 minutes
Guys, the derby is on again on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.!
Every football fan knows it - every football fan watches it. With a beer and chips, the evening with your boys is sure to be pretty boring. If you want to have a really great evening with the boys, you should definitely check out our tips! We'll show you what you need.
Tip 1) The beer must be cold!
If the beer doesn't taste good and isn't cold, the game is already over. But hey, we have something for you. Get yourself a 5 liter party keg of your choice and put it in the Cooling Cubes TUBE - beer cooler for the 5 liter party kegs Beer keg cooler (black) >>> click <<< I would say: You can treat yourself!

Tip 2) What do we have to eat?
How cool is that? In 5 minutes you can make your own pizza for 6 people at the same time! Awesome Trebs 99300 pizza oven with terracotta dome for 6 people, pizza dome, 1000 watts >>> click <<<
Tip 3) Do you have something to snack on?
Yes, of course! The CraveBox snack package with various chips and cereal bars and popcorn (pack of 30) >>> click <<< 30 packets of popcorn, chips and much more! Super cool, so if someone complains we don't know what to do. And hey! At the end of the game there will definitely be chocolate left over for your girlfriend.
Tip 4) The game sucks!